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We have made a few simple rules for your safety and enjoyment of our resort and facilities and to conserve and protect our environment. Please observe our rules and regulations at all times and help us keep this place clean and safe for the enjoyment of all your fellow guests. Thank you.




1. Please remove shoes from accommodation unit.

2. Smoking (& vaping) is not permitted.

3. Please do not remove any soap, shampoo and toiletry, towel, book, magazine or any other item provided by us.

4. Please observe a reasonable sound level limit at all times, should there be any music or activities, as other guest or resident may hear you clearly.

5. Quiet hours are from 11:00 pm until 8:00 am.

6. Any kind of cooking is not allowed. 

7. Outside food is not allowed.




1. Please do not pluck, remove or damage any flower, fruit, vegetable or plant.

2. Please do not kill or harm any animal, bird, fish, reptile or insect.

3. Please do not litter or throw anything on the ground or river. Please dispose of all cigarette stubs and all garbage in the proper receptacles.

4. Please do not enter into or go for a walk in the jungle without our guide accompanying you.

5. Please do not start a fire or burn anything.

6. No feeding of wild animals. Artificial feeding of wildlife changes how animals view people, to their detriment, and to ours.




1. Please use caution while in the pool area. There is no lifeguard on duty. While resort personnel may be present in the pool area, they DO NOT HAVE LIFEGUARD TRAINING.

2. Please supervise your children in the pool area. Children under 16 may not swim without an adult present.

3. Diving is not permitted.

4. Proper swim attire is required.

5. Shower before entering the pool.




1. Do not enter into or swim in Fish Ponds. The Fish Ponds are DEEP and NOT FOR SWIMMING.

2. Fishing or catching of fish in any manner is not allowed.

3. Do not throw anything into Fish Ponds.




1. Strictly no pets allowed in the resort.
2. Pork product and durian are not allowed in the premises.

3. Candles, incense, fireworks and confetti are not allowed in the premises.

4. Car registration numbers shall be furnished to us prior to check in/visit.


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