Swimming Pool

Our swimming pool is set amidst the lush natural surroundings of Enderong Valley just a short walk down a stone path from Enderong House / Annex / Cottage. Enjoy an invigorating swim, stroll around the grounds or just relax and gaze at the surrounding forest and the blue sky above. Swimming in our pool is an experience akin to swimming in a lake in the rainforest.

All staying guests have use of the pool. Pool towels are provided on request.


CAUTION: No lifeguards are stationed at the pool and all guests are responsible for their own and their children’s safety at all times.




Adjacent to and separated by a small ledge from the swimming pool, is a big pond fed with cool water from mountain streams. Take your shoes off and dip your tired feet into the pond. Feed the fish* frolicking in the water from the Pavillion overlooking the Pond (*but no fishing please – the fish are our friendly pets, so please help us to keep them safe and frolicking for all to enjoy).

Nature Walk

Explore the nature trails starting from the Pavillion at the Swimming Pool area and winding down to jungle paths in the adjacent forest alongside the Sungei Enderong (Enderong River). Waking up early and taking a morning walk before breakfast is highly recommended to enjoy the cool crisp highland air and morning mist and to listen to morning birdsongs. Experience the tranquility of the forest at sunrise.

Jungle Trekking

Visitors to Enderong Valley will be delighted with the various trails around our natural playground. Guided jungle trekking is available by prior arrangement with us upon request and is subject to availability.

Guided tours.

Our mission is to educate our guest about the rain forest and the importance of preserving it through our guided and narrated hikes. These hikes are a good way of experiencing the beauty of nature up close and personal whilst gaining some knowledge of the local flora and fauna.

Includes a 2 hour long informative trek about our rain forest.


Price: RM400 for 10 pax RM40 for each additional person (ie: 12pax @ RM 480)

Duration: 2 hours

Sessions: 1 session  9:30am-11:30am        2 session  2:00pm-4:00pm      (session limit 20 pax)

Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Advised attire: Long sleeved shirts, leech socks, pants,boots or shoes with ankle support

Additional things to bring: water, Insect repellent 


Sessions start with a brief introduction about archery and how to shoot correctly. After that, practice session will begin with full guidance by the trainer. In the last hour a mini tournament which will follow FITA (International Archery Federation) rules & regulations and scoring method will be conducted. Participants or teams with the highest score win bragging rights :). Sessions without the competition can also be arranged for those who want to shoot at their own pace, pressure free. Subject to availability and prior arrangement needed.


Price : RM200 for 6 pax. RM34 for each additional person

Duration: 2 hours

Sessions:  1st session 9:30am-11:30am     2nd session 2:30pm-4:30pm  (Session limit 14 pax)

Bow: 24lbs recurve bow with pin sights 

Age: 10+ (All bows are 24lbs draw weight.)

Things to bring: Sunglasses, insect repellent, sun block

Experience this ancient skill of merging body, mind and spirit within the tranquility of the Enderong Valley.

Bird Watching

Enderong Valley and the surrounding hills are a bird watcher’s paradise. With lots of patience, a pair of binoculars(binoculars not provided) and a bit of luck, you will be rewarded with sightings of many different species of birds as shown in the photographs here, all taken in Enderong Valley. This activity is unguided.

Flora & Fauna


We are most privileged to have a vast biodiversity of flora (plants) and fauna (wild-life) in our surrounding rainforest. Explore and encounter a spectacular variety of flora right at the doorstep of our resort. If you are very lucky, you may even have sightings of monkeys, gibbons, wild boar, deer, tortoises, wild goats, river otters and other fauna. Accompanying photographs of the flora and fauna were all taken within Tanarimba.

Look but don’t touch! Please help us to protect the biodiversity of our plant life by refraining from picking or cutting any flower, fruit, leave or plant. We thank you in advance for your co-operation.

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